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Komisia vytrvalostného jazdenia po zverejnení oficiálnych výsledkových listín z MS 2012
na stránkach FEI, podala cestou SJF oficiálnu žiadosť o podanie vysvetlenia k predmetu ukončenia preteku a pridelenia bodov.
Stanovisko FEI uvádzame v plnom znení v originále.


Guidance in terms of the results from the World FEI Endurance Championship in Euston Park (GBR) 2012


The FEI would like to provide guidance in terms of the results from the 2012 Euston Park World Endurance Championships. As is widely known, towards the end of the day of competition a severe electrical storm moved in over the area of the venue and surrounding countryside. The storm brought torrential rain and continuous lightning which lasted for some considerable time. Local enquiries with both Police and Weather Stations indicated the storm could continue for a number of hours and certainly into the hours of darkness. The Ground Jury, together with the FEI Technical Delegate and the Health and Safety Officials considered the position carefully and took the decision to stop the event.

It was agreed and announced that all combinations would be stopped at their next Vet Gate and provided they successfully passed the Veterinary Examination they would be classified in the results of the Championship.

The FEI has also confirmed that any combinations who stopped at Vet Gate 5 can apply to the FEI for a Certificate of Capability which will confirm the combinations achieved a successful 3* 140kms distance which can be used as part of the qualification process as defined within the FEI Endurance Rules.

However, in terms of Ranking points and recorded results for the FEI 4* World Championship of 160kms, only those combinations that fully completed the distance can be shown in the FEI records for the event.

In Summary

• The Ground Jury took the decision to stop the event early in view of the potential danger to horses, athletes and officials when the severe storm took place. This action was taken under the regulations of the Discipline as contained in the FEI Rules for Endurance Riding – Art. 804.3.4

• The classification of those taking part at the event was confirmed to show those combinations who had completed the full distance to be shown in their respective positions at the top of the classification table.

• Those combinations who completed the 140kms distance and were not allowed to continue under 804.3.4 were then placed in order below those who completed the full distance, in the order of their arrival times into the last vet gate.

• The FEI Web Site shows the results of those combinations at Vet Gate 5 but does indicate that they ‘did not finish’ as the Championship distance was 160kms.

The FEI has tried to find the very best solution for all those concerned and we feel that the approach we have used is the fairest to all whilst remaining within the regulations.


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